Abstract: diagnosed cases of tuberculosis registered under RNTCP in

Abstract: Context:- Tuberculosis
(TB) and of diabetes
mellitus (DM) remains a global public
health problem. India has the largest number of TB cases, in 2015, out of total
global annual incidence of 9.6 million TB cases 2.2 million were estimated from
India. 62.4 million people with type 2 diabetes and 77 million people with pre
diabetes in India, these numbers are projected to increase to 101 million by
the year 2030. Diabetes and tuberculosis may affect each other at many levels. Screening
for diabetes in patients with tuberculosis will not only ensure early case
detection but also better management of diabetes and will lead to better
tuberculosis treatment outcome. Aims: – (i) To
determine the prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes among diagnosed cases of
tuberculosis registered under RNTCP in Bhopal District.

(ii) To determined additional yield
of previously unknown DM and the Number needed to screen (NNS) to find a new
case of DM and

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(iii) To find out the factors associated with DM among TB

Settings and Design:- .The
current study was a Cross sectional  study conducted on registered tuberculosis
patients Under RNTCP in 2 tuberculosis units (TUs) of Bhopal District. Methods and Material:. Participants were contacted
and interview was conducted after obtaining consent by using pre designed and
pre tested Performa during the period of 1st October 2014 to 30th
March 2015 for a period of 6 months. Statistical
analysis used- Continuous variable were summarized as frequency, mean
and standard deviation. All variable were analyzed using Chi square test of
significance; P50) years the NNS was 8.5
(Table 2).  The NNS to diagnose one male
DM patient was 19 compared to 27.6 for females. The additional yield of
screening among pulmonary TB patients for DM was 36.2% and 20% for extra
pulmonary TB patients. However, the NNS to diagnose one DM case among pulmonary
TB patients was 17.3 compared to 123 among extra pulmonary TB patients. NNS
among BMI >25 was 11.2 and among patients having BMI50 years, male gender, smokers, patients having high BMI range (>25),
type II treatment category and those with Pulmonary tuberculosis as compared to
age 50). Similar finding have been reported by studies from other parts of
India and others contries16171819. This
study also reported the higher association of DM and PTB, which is also
reported in many studies including those by Zhang et al.15 and Guptan and
Shah18. This study
has reported significantly higher prevalence of DM among male gender, which is
supported by that reported in the study conducted in south India 20.

Result of the current study
shows that diabetes among alcoholic tuberculosis patients to be more as compare
to non alcoholic patients, and the difference was not significant. Similar
result seen earlier study 21 11
shows that Alcohol consumption was found to be a risk factor for diabetes in TB

The present study shows that diabetes
was more common among TB patients with BMI more 25 (19.0%) as compare to those
with BMI